Peter J. Normandia

the Film Boss

I am fascinated by authentic people & things fueled by passion. I take pride in every piece of my portfolio, driven to create something viewers will marvel at and gain insight from.

What’s a film boss?

There’s a lot of film bosses out there. I’m sure you know the type.

Always working. Constantly debating gear. Obsessed with refining their craft.

They are relentless, consumed with turning their evanescent visions into a permanent, palpable part of society.

They take charge.

That’s why we call them boss.

My Adventures

Film Boss Blog

Authentic lessons learned on the road to mastering modern filmmaking & videography.

Edit Cellar

My creative production company. We reward audiences and elevate brands.

Will You Video Me

My event videography. Inspired by passionate people, we create wonder & awe.

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